We know how important your vehicle is to you, that’s why we have a range of products designed to ensure that your pride and joy is protected in the toughest conditions. Our options for your vehicle have evolved through many years of product testing and development which has resulted in a range of premium protection options for your vehicle.

Rock Sliders


With over 8 years of R&D on this product alone, we have created a market leading Rock Slider. Designed to be mounted to the chassis to create the strongest slider/ step to suit your 4x4.

The sliders are manufactured using a precise blend of 3mm thick 50x50 SHS, 3mm thick 50mm pipe and 8mm thick flat bar all using premium Australian steel.

Our Rock Sliders are rated to hold the weight of your vehicle, whether it be jacking it up to change a tyre or from stopping your vehicle from smashing onto a solid rock. They offer full protection and practicality at all times.

There are five variations to our Rock Sliders to ensure we cover our customers requirements.

Angled Open, Angled Half Step, Angled Full Step, Flat Full Step and Flat Open

(see our slider variation example below)

Rock slider variations.JPG

Brush Bars

Want to protect your side panels? Our brush bars are a great solution. Made of premium Australian steel, powder coated and mounted to your car for the ultimate protection of your side panels.

Rear Bar

Protecting your rear end is always a good idea, our rear bars have you covered no matter how big or small. They are made of premium Australian steel and powder coated for longevity.

Rear Bar.JPG

Bash Plates

Just because its not seen doesn’t mean it isn’t important. Our bash plates help protect those essential components on the underside of your vehicle. They are made of premium Australian steel and powder coated for longevity.

bash plates.jpg


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